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Western Oklahoma Wagon Train

What We Are About

What We Are About
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Our Mission is to provide Equine outdoor activities for the family in the tradition of past generations.  Our forefathers experienced the wagon as their only means of transportation.  We try to feel the same experiences in our modern age, using horse, mule and the wagon as our tools.

Our members experience wagon events throughout the year as a family group.  Members support each other on the trips as well as during the year with other social activities.  Many members are still active with their own horse , mule and wagons, while others still participate and have retired their teams and wagons.

Our History

Western Oklahoma had its beginnings in 1967 when Spec Lester started making rides in wagons.  The group then officially became Western Oklahoma Wagon Train in 1982 and are still active to the present day.  The members were:  Murl & Marie Little, Manual and Faye Hensley, Jim & JoAnn McClellan, Wayne Parkhurst, Donnie Wright, Melvin Parkhurst, Joe & Faye Mong, Jim McCoy, Wendell & Carolyn Coots, Terry Little, Wayne & Shelly Little, Hack Webb (rider), Bob & Donna Manhart, S.J. Wright and Orville Harris.  Doyle & Mary Burrows later joined the group.